Dynamic Mount

PeripheralsPlusOne includes a ComputerCraft package manager for Lua scripts called "Dyn". Its functionality is inspired by Debian's "Advanced Package Tool" (APT) and thus, shares similar commands.

Dyn(amic) Package Manager

The Dyn(amic) package manager makes managing and distributing ComputerCraft scripts easier. Programs installed via Dyn are automatically mounted when a peripheral is attached and the program supports the peripheral type. The mount path is /rom/programs/ so the programs will be executable from any directory. Dyn also manages additional files and help text. Dyn will not override default programs.


Dyn knows about available packages by reading index files from repositories. For more information about the structure of a repository view the default Dyn repo.

Like APT repos, Dyn allows for multiple sources to be added to its sources list. The URL should be the root path that the index file resides.


install <program name>

Attempts to download the specified program

remove <program name>

Attempts to remove the specified program


Updates the local program indices from their repos

This command will fail if a repo contains an invalid index file or there is an issue downloading the file.

Programs will not be updated by this. This only updates the list of available programs


Upgrades all installed programs to the latest version


List all installed programs

Search for a program by name or description

The search looks in all repos defined in the sources file

repo <argument>

Sub-command for working with repos

add <repo url> [friendly name]

Adds a repo to be used for program resolving

remove <repo url/friendly name>

Removes a repo from the list of available sources


Opens the sources file for editing