The speaker is a peripheral which allows for Computers to talk (literally)! It can also be crafted with a turtle to make a Talkative Turtle.


Event Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4 Parameter 5 Description
synthComplete "synthComplete" string text string event_uuid boolean success string error_message This event is fired after the Text-to-Speech system is finished speaking


Function Returns Description
speak(string text, [number range, [string voice, [number pitch, [number pitchRange, [number pitchShift, [number rate, [number volume [, boolean pauseComputerUntilSpeechComplete]]]]]]]]) string event_uuid Synthesizes a message to play to nearby players
web(string text, [number range, [string language, [number rate, [number volume [, boolean pauseComputerUntilSpeechComplete [, string apiKey]]]]]]) string event_uuid Requests synthesized audio from the Voice RSS web service

Additional Voices/Languages


The web function uses the Voice RSS for voice synthesis.

Refer to the documentation for supported languages.

An API key is required to use this service. A free once can be obtained by registering on their web site. Server admins can set this API key in the configuration. Clients can also specify an API key. The order of API key used when multiple are found is: function parameter > server config > client config.


Some MBROLA voices are supported for the speak function:

  • us1
  • us2
  • us3

These can be downloaded from here and extracted to <minecraft directory>/mods/peripheralsplusone/mbrola/. The directory should also contain the MBROLA executable.