Upgrader Villager

The upgrader is a villager that contains ComputerCraft item trades.


The following are all of the possible trades given by the ComputerCraft villager

Buys Sells
Floppy Disk + 3 Emeralds Dungeon Disk
Basic Computer + 1 Emerald Advanced Computer
Basic Monitor + 1 Emerald Advanced Monitor
Basic Turtle + 1 Emerald Advanced Turtle
Basic Pocket Computer + 1 Emerald Advanced Pocket Computer
Basic Computer + 2 Emeralds Basic Turtle
Advanced Computer + 2 Emeralds Advanced Turtle
64 Emeralds + 64 Diamonds Pineapple UPhone! .0007 milimeters thinner than the current Pocket computers for a cheap price of only 64 emeralds and 64 diamonds!
Paper + Emerald ComputerCraft Lore Book
1 Emerald Basic Computer
2 Emeralds Basic Pocket Computer