Magnetic Card Reader/Writer

The magnetic card reader/writer enables reading to and writing from a magnetic stripe card.

Data Format

The data format follows the Magtek magnetic strip card specifications.

Quick Overview

Each magnetic card contains three data tracks that can be written to and read from. The data that can be stored on them is as follows:

Track Capacity
1 79 alphanumeric characters
2 40 numeric characters
3 107 numeric characters

All the tracks can also utilize the following control characters: % ^ ? ; =.


Function Returns Description
write(number track_index, string data) nil Sets the buffer of data to be written to a track. Any card swiped after a track's buffer is written will have that track written to. The buffer(s) will remained filled until clear() is called. Note: Setting a buffer to an empty string will clear that track on any swipped cards. Nil will cause that buffer to be ignored.
clear([number track_index]) nil Clears a specified buffer or all if one is not specified


Event Return 1 Return 2 Return 3 Return 4 Description
mag_swipe "mag_swipe" string track_one string track_two string track_three Queued when a mag card is swiped