Mana Manipulator

The Mana Manipulator allows the impossible; numbers in Botania! More specifically it acts as both a mana pool and mana spreader that can be controlled be a computer. The max capacity is 10% of a normal mana pool. It contains an internal inventory that can store lenses which can be equipped from Lua code. Like a normal spreader, the direction can also be set with a Wand of the Forest. Sparks can be used in a similar fashion to their use on a normal mana pool.


Function Returns Description
getMana([boolean get_real_value]) number mana_level An evil function. Returns a random value by default
sendBurst() boolean status Attempts to send a burst from the mana spreader. The burst will fail if the normal conditions for a spreader burst (e.g. lens allows it, there is a pool that can contain the burst) are not met.
setBurstDirection(number rotation_x, number rotation_y) nil Sets the rotation of the spreader burst
getBurstDirection() table direction Gets the burst direction as a table with keys x and y
setAutoBurst(boolean auto_burst) nil Sets the spreader to operate as a normal spreader, checking for and sending bursts automatically, or disabling the automatic burst.
getAutoBurst() boolean auto_burst Get the status of the auto bust functionality
setVoidExcessMana(boolean void_excess) nil Set if an unlimited amount of mana can be accepted, but the excess voided if it is over the max storage limit
getVoidExcessMana() boolean void_excess Get the current status of voiding excess mana
setColor(number r, number g, number b) nil Set the color of the bursts. Some lenses like the celebratory lens will respect this color, other will ignore it for their own embedded color.
getColor( table color Returns the current beam color as a table with keys r, g, and b
setLens(string item_name, number meta) nil Attempts to set a lens from the internal inventory matching the provided description. The first item matched is set. If the lens cannot be found the function will error.
setLens(number slot) nil Attempts to set the lens to the item stored in the specified slot. If the slot is empty, the function will error.
getLens() table lens Returns the current lens as a table with the following keys: id, meta, name, slot, nbt
getContainedLensesLua() table lenses Returns all contained lenses in a table. The format of each lens is the same as getLens(). The table index is not guaranteed to correcspond to the slot in which it resides.