The Antenna is a peripheral which expands the wireless capabilities of computers. It currently has two uses: communicating with Smart Helmets and communicating with Nano Swarms.

Smart Helmet Functions

Function Returns Description
getPlayers() table players Lists all the players currently wearing a smart helmet linked to the antenna
getHUD(string player) object helmetHandle Returns an object representing the given player's smart helmet HUD, see the Smart Helmets for info on how to use this

Nano Swarm Functions

Function Returns Description
getInfectedEntities() table entities Returns a list containing the entity IDs for all entities currently infected by a nanobot swarm.
getInfectedEntity(string entityID) object entity Returns an object representing the infected entity.

Labeling Functions

Function Returns Description
setLabel(string label) nil Sets a new label for the antenna
getLabel() string label Returns the current label of the antenna